Legalizing Crime and Criminality

In a society where justice and the rule of law prevails, the community leaders, members of the Landlords and Tenants Association, law enforcement agents(agencies), and residents of Olorunsogo, Molete, Molusi, Solanke, Oyegbami,Oshodi,Scout Camp,Aluko/Barracksand Felele communities in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria who sponsored hoodlums wielding stones, matchets, and iron rods to attack and injured a resident of 3, Kehinde Aderibigbe Street, Olorunsogo, Molete ought to be brought to justice. Sadly, this is not the case. These attacks were on several occasions. Indeed, impunity in the above mentioned communities and several others, is the order of the day and way of life. Interestingly, cultists have now gained prominence and recogintion in these communities.
In addition, those behind the vandalization and looting of 3, Kehinde Aderibigbe Street, Olorunsogo, Molete are still walking the streets freely full of boasts and acting persistently with impunity. Why is this so? On Tuesday, 4th October, the criminals with the consent of other residents forced the door of the resident of 3, Kehinde Aderibigbe street, Olorunsogo, Molete open and made away with valuables. Perhaps, crime and criminality are now means to several ends for Those-in-Charge, who may have severed ties with the attributes of good and focused leadership.


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